CleanMyOS - Free computer scan. Virus, adware and malware removal tools plus protections including antivirus. All-In-Browser.


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About CleanMyOS

CleanMyOS was built to allow users to unlock the true potential of their computer. We have created some easy tools for everyone to help in this process.

There are a lot of websites that claim to do something similar, but usually require downloads and complicated installations. No only does this website require NO downloads, our tools are 100% FREE.

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"This website is great, it has increased my computers performance by over 28% and it feels so much fresher!"

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"I fully endorse this. Thanks to CleanMyOS I can play games all day and not worry about my computer slowing down."


We like to release our website statistics for everyone to see.

Scans performed 2681
Computers protected 2681
Total protection days 18767
Total users helped 5362
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The Scan will scan you computer for all files that may be corrupted or causing your computer to under perform. It also detects viruses and malware.
We recommend you run this scan before you run our protect tool so you can see what's wrong with your computer.

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The Protect feature will safeguard your computer from malicious viruses, malware and spyware. It will also help to prevent unauthorized access to your data and stop slow files at the source.
Protect is FREE and we recommend run it every week.

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This Boost will increase the overall speed of your computer by optimizing slow files, creating direct routes and shortcuts for memory access and defragmenting your data.
This Boost is coming soon.

Feature coming soon